2024 South Africa DStv Installation Prices Your Complete Guide to Costs and Installers

South Africa DStv Installation Prices Your Complete Guide to Costs and Installers

Starting April 1, 2024, DStv installation price in South Africa will see changes. A simple setup with one viewer access might cost you between R500 and R1000. If you want more than one viewing spot in your house, it’ll cost more because the setup gets trickier.

MultiChoice South Africa has the latest list of approved DStv technicians who can do new setups or fix current ones.

I recently had a DStv ExtraView installed at my place. The price varied based on how complex we wanted our system to be. We learned that labour fees range from about R400 to R750 per hour for these tasks.

This made us really think about what features we needed versus what was nice to have. Choosing wisely helped us get good value without overspending on our home entertainment system.

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Learning About DSTV Installation Costs

Figuring out how much it costs to set up DSTV is key. This means looking at what affects prices and where to find the best deals near you.

What Affects DStv Installation Prices? An Easy Guide

Several things change how much you pay for DStv setups. The type of device, like HD PVR or Explora, plays a big part. More complex services, such as adding extra views, can increase the cost too.

Prices vary from R350 to R400 for these added features. Your choice of package also matters—a bigger package means higher costs.

Choosing the right installer is crucial—they know all about different packages and equipment.

Check the DSTV Installation Packages and Prices

Check the DSTV Installation Packages and Prices

Below, we have listed the various DStv packages and their installation prices.

PackageInstallation Price
Single View HD DecoderR950
Explora HD Decoder with InstallationR2299
Upgrade from HD to ExploraR1650

These prices are a guide to help you budget for your DStv installation. Keep in mind, location and installer experience can influence the final cost. Always confirm prices with your chosen installer before proceeding.

How to Find Good DStv Installers Close to Home

Start by asking friends and family for suggestions. They might have used a DStv installer they were happy with. Use the internet too – search for “DStv installers near me” or check social media groups related to your area.

Reviews online can also guide you in picking a good service provider.

Make sure you choose an accredited DStv installer. Only these professionals are approved to set up your services correctly. Contact different installers to compare costs and availability.

This way, you get competitive prices for setting up your DSTV decoder or dish, ensuring quality without overspending.

Understanding Prices for DSTV Decoders and Installation

Getting the right DSTV box and setting it up comes with different price tags. You have to think about both the device cost and what you pay for someone to install it.

Costs of Installing DSTV Explora

Installing DSTV Explora requires a 80cm satellite dish and a DStv Smart LNB, which are crucial for the best viewing experience. Prices vary based on different factors like package choice and installer rates.

To get your Explora set up without issues, you’ll need expert installers who know how to handle the equipment properly.

Expert DSTV installation ensures top-quality viewing with your Explora.

Finding an affordable yet skilled installer can be tricky—prices fluctuate widely across South Africa. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, each city has its range of installation costs.

It’s all about balancing price with quality to ensure your new DSTV Explora works flawlessly from day one.

The Price of Getting a DSTV Dish Installed

Some companies charge about R1700 to set up a DSTV dish and a basic decoder in your living room. This price covers the essentials for getting satellite TV up and running at your place.

It’s a good deal, considering you’re getting access to lots of channels.

This cost can vary, though, depending on where you live and the specifics of the job. If your installation is more complex or requires extra equipment, the price might go up. Always check with local installers near you for exact prices and what’s included in their service package.

Full Prices for DSTV Decoders Including Installation

These prices cover the cost of the decoder and the service to set it up.

Decoder TypeDecoder Price (ZAR)Installation Cost (ZAR)Total Price (ZAR)
DStv HD DecoderR499 – R699R600 – R800R1,099 – R1,499
DStv Explora DecoderR1,999 – R2,499R1,500 – R2,500R3,499 – R4,999
DStv Explora UltraR2,499 – R2,999R1,500 – R2,500R3,999 – R5,499

Costs for HD PVR and Explora PVR installations vary, reflecting the advanced features and tech these options offer.

Upgrading from a single view to a PVR decoder includes the installation in its total cost, making it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their viewing experience without facing separate installation fees.

What’s the Usual DSTV Installation Fee?

The usual DSTV installation fee varies, but knowing the right cost helps plan your budget. Keep reading to find out more about these fees and how you can save on them.

Here’s What People Typically Pay: A Table of Average DSTV Installation Costs

While labour charges for satellite dish fitters can fall anywhere between R400.00 to R750.00 per hour, specific package choices further tweak the final bill.

Drawing from first-hand experience and recent data collection, the table below offers a snapshot of what customers generally pay for various DStv installation services.

ServiceAverage Cost
DStv Explora InstallationR1,200 – R2,800
Standard Decoder InstallationR800 – R1,600
Extra View SetupR350 – R400
Labour Rate per HourR400 – R750
Satellite Dish InstallationIncluded in package prices

Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best—quality of service and installer expertise play crucial roles in ensuring a satisfying viewing experience.

Average DStv Installation Prices in Big Cities

In big cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, DStv installation costs can vary. Expect to pay different prices for services and packages depending on where you live.

What It Costs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

Prices for DStv installations vary across South Africa. In Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, the cost for a basic package with one decoder starts from R500 to R1000. This includes setting up your satellite TV service but doesn’t cover extra decoders or advanced packages.

I paid around R1,500 in Cape Town for an 80cm dish installation — straightforward and quick.

Labor charges by installers fall between R400 to R750 per hour. These rates mean your final bill depends on how complex your setup is. For me, getting my system ready took just over two hours — money well spent for excellent reception and service.

New DSTV Installation Prices for 2024

New DSTV installation costs for 2024 are out.

Here’s What’s New: Prices for New DSTV Installations

The Premium package will cost 5.7% more. For those picking the Compact Plus option, expect a 4.5% increase. This update affects all new setups across South Africa, including in major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Installation PackageService DescriptionEstimated Price From
Standard InstallationBasic setup including dish, LNB, up to 25 meters of cable, and installation.R650 – R850
Explora InstallationInstallation of the Explora decoder, including advanced dish kit, smart LNB, up to 25 meters of cable.R1,600 – R2,600
HD InstallationSetup with an HD decoder, standard dish kit, single LNB, and up to 25 meters of cable.R850 – R1,050
ExtraView InstallationConfiguration for multi-room viewing, including additional decoder, smart LNB, extra cabling.R2,100 – R3,200
Smart LNB UpgradeUpgrade to a smart LNB, includes installation and necessary adjustments to existing setup.R750 – R1,250
Relocation ServiceMoving of existing equipment and re-installation at a new location, including dish alignment and up to 25 meters of cable.R700 – R1,200
Signal Correction ServiceRealignment and troubleshooting of dish and LNB, including necessary repairs to existing installation.R400 – R750

I recently got my own DSTV setup and saw these changes first hand. Installing an Explora decoder now has different prices based on where you live and the complexity of your installation needs.

Factors That Can Change Your DSTV Installation Charges

Factors That Can Change Your DSTV Installation Charges

The type of decoder and package you choose greatly affects your DSTV installation charges. Opting for advanced gear like the DSTV Explora demands more from your wallet than standard setups.

The complexity of installing a satellite dish can also swing the price. If your roof is high or tricky to work on, installers need extra time and safety equipment, raising costs.

Where you live plays a big part too. Installation prices in bustling cities like Johannesburg may be higher compared to quieter towns. Deals like Price Lock or vouchers from shops can help lower these expenses sometimes.

Always check for special offers before settling on an installer near you to save money where you can.

Saving Tips on DStv Installation Costs

  1. Compare prices: Look at different installers in your area. Some might offer lower rates than others.
  2. Ask for discounts: Don’t hesitate to ask if there are any specials or discounts available. You might just get lucky.
  3. Choose the right package: Pick a DStv package that fits your needs and budget. Avoid paying for channels you won’t watch.
  4. Bundle services: Sometimes, getting your DStv decoder and installation from the same provider can save you money.
  5. Install during off-peak times: Some installers charge less if you book your installation during their less busy periods.
  6. DIY some parts: If you’re handy, consider doing simple setups yourself, like running cables or mounting your TV.
  7. Refer friends or neighbours: Some companies give discounts or free months of service for referring new customers.
  8. Keep an eye out for promos: Follow DStv on social media or sign up for their newsletters to catch special promotions.

I found that asking directly led to a hefty discount on my own installation—proof that sometimes, the direct approach works best.

Costs of Installing a Satellite Dish

Costs of Installing a Satellite Dish

Installing a satellite dish starts at R350. Prices rise based on the type of dish and installation complexity. Trained technicians handle the setup, making sure it’s done right. They work efficiently, keeping costs down while providing top-notch service.

A professional touch ensures your satellite TV works seamlessly.

What Customers Think: Reviews and Testimonials

After discussing the costs of installing a satellite dish, it’s key to see what customers say about their experiences. Customers often share reviews and testimonials online. These comments give insights into how well DStv installers do their job.

People talk about both good and bad points. Accredited DStv installers usually get positive feedback for quick and skilled service.

I once needed a decoder set up in my new flat. Reading through other people’s stories helped me choose the right installer. They were friendly, worked fast, and explained everything clearly.

This matches what many others have said too. Customer opinions are very helpful for making a smart choice on who to hire for your DStv setup needs.

Finding the most affordable DStv Installation Offers

  1. Start by visiting accredited installer websites. These sites often have special deals you can’t find elsewhere.
  2. Compare prices from different providers in your area. Use online tools like comparison websites to see who offers the lowest price.
  3. Look for installation vouchers or discounts online. Sometimes, companies give out codes that lower the cost of setup and equipment.
  4. Check social media and forums for personal recommendations. People often share their experiences and where they found good deals.
  5. Ask installers about package deals. Getting your dish, decoder, and other services at once can be cheaper than buying them separately.
  6. Contact installers directly to negotiate a better price. Some might lower their prices if they know you’re comparing offers.
  7. Read reviews to find reliable but affordable service providers in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban.
  8. Consider timing your installation during off – peak seasons when rates may be lower due to decreased demand.
  9. Enquire about any hidden costs upfront—like travel fees if the technician has to come from far away—to avoid surprises on your bill.


1. How much does DStv installation cost?

The cost of DStv installation varies, depending on your location and the services you need. Prices differ in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban.

2. Can I get a price for the full DStv Explora installation?

Yes, the full price for a DStv Explora installation includes the decoder price and setup costs. These prices can change based on specials and your exact needs.

3. What’s included in the DSTV full installation price?

The full installation price covers everything from the satellite dish to the decoder and all necessary accessories to get you started.

4. Are there different prices for DStv relocations?

Indeed – if you’re moving house, whether it’s within Bloemfontein or from East London to Sandton, relocation prices will apply based on your new location.

5. Do DSTV installers offer services in smaller towns or only major cities?

DStv installers work across South Africa; they are available not just in big cities but also cater to smaller towns.

6. How can I find out about DSTV explora installation specials?

Keep an eye on updates directly from DSTV or check with local installers – they often have information on current specials that could save you money.