Allow us to assist you in locating a TV installer for TV Mounting and TV Installation Services in your area

Allow us to assist you in locating a TV installer for TV Mounting and TV Installation Services in your area

We are here to help you find an experienced professional for TV mounting and installation services in your immediate area. We make mounting a TV easy with an expert TV installer.

Our experts use tools like spirit levels to ensure that your TV is mounted perfectly horizontal for the best viewing experience. They’ll also hide all cables neatly with trunking systems, creating a clean look without any unsightly wires.

So, whether you have a swanky flat-screen or a more standard set-up, we have skilled installers ready to handle each project with utmost care and precision.

  • Let us connect you with top-notch professionals who will mount your television safely on any surface type – drywall, brick or concrete!

Trust us; sit back relax while we transform your entertainment space into something spectacular!

Local TV Mounting Services near me in South Africa

Local TV Mounting Services near me in South Africa

Find reliable TV mounting services near you in South Africa for both residential and commercial needs, as well as customized solutions and TV de-mounting and relocation services.

Local Residential TV Mounting

TV mounting is not just for commercial spaces. Households across South Africa are catching onto the trend as well.

  • Local residential TV mounting services offer homeowners a convenient solution, ensuring their televisions are securely and strategically installed on their walls.

It’s about transforming your living room into an entertainment hub or making space in your compact apartment without compromising on aesthetics.

Don’t worry about finding reliable professionals either! Plenty of highly-rated services are available right in our community for all your TV wall installation needs, including DStv installations if you live near the southern peninsula of the Cape.

Local Commercial TV Mounting

Commercial establishments in South Africa can greatly benefit from professional TV mounting services tailored to their unique needs.

  • This is not limited to businesses such as bars and restaurants aiming for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Even corporate offices with teleconferencing facilities or digital signage requirements need these specialized solutions.

Televisions mounted properly in boardrooms offer interactive options during business meetings using telecom and Skype, just like the Television mounting specialists in Midrand are offering.

  • Companies provide customised solutions by offering products like the TV Mount for MeetUp.

It securely holds the MeetUp ConferenceCam either above or below a flat-panel monitor allowing versatile installation options that ensure optimal viewability and camera angle in a commercial setting.

Be it flush mounts, tilt brackets, overhead projector brackets or full-motion bracket services, you will find trained professionals ready to cater to all your commercial TV mounting needs across prominent cities and provinces including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria among others.

Local Customized Mounting Solutions

Our South African team of professional TV mounters offer a distinctive service that caters to the unique needs and specifications of our local customers.

  • This includes crafting personalized mounting solutions for your residential or commercial space.

Let’s suppose you want a TV mount designed especially for video bars, compatible with displays up to 75 inches in size, our experts can make it happen.

  • We also cater to more complex requirements such as installing Legrand AV TiLED Direct view LED video wall displays for seamless images of high resolution on your walls.

Whatever your requirement is whether in Johannesburg or Pretoria, Cape Town or Centurion – we’ve got you covered!

Local TV De-mounting & Relocation

Transitioning your living space or relocating to a new home? Our local de-mounting and relocation services make moving your TV safe and hassle-free.

  • With skilled professional’s adept at handling TVs, we ensure no damage occurs during the process.

Whether you’re in Randburg, Gauteng, or other South African cities, our team arrives promptly to help with your TV de-mounting needs.

  • Enjoy seamless service from de-installation right through to reinstallation at the location of your choice!

No need to worry about intricate cable management or installing wall anchors – leave it all to us! And remember getting a professionally installed television is just a click away on Bark platform where you can receive free quotes for any of our offered services!

Expert TV Installation Solutions for South African Homes

Find out why South Africa’s Professional TV Installation Services provide excellence and guarantee quality for all your TV mounting needs.

TV Installation Specialists in South Africa: Quality and Expertise

South African TV installation services focus on incorporating the perfect blend of expertise, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

  • With a team comprising Multichoice & Open View accredited installers boasting over 30 years of experience in the field, you know your TV is in safe hands.

Following stringent industry protocols for proper positioning guarantees the optimum angle and height adjustment for your television viewing pleasure.

  • Having earned their spot among the top rated by locals, Pretoria-based experts are renowned for meticulous attention to detail in every project they undertake. Meanwhile Cape Town isn’t far behind.

Famed for offering both high-end and budget installations they have maintained their reputation through ten solid years of remarkable service to customers.

Whether it’s a flat-screen setup or home theatre installation that has caught your fancy, South Africa’s professional TV mounting pros will tailor-make solutions which are just right for you!

South Africa’s Professional TV Installation Services: Excellence Guaranteed

South Africa’s professional TV installation services cater to all your home entertainment needs with guaranteed excellence.

  • From assessing the perfect location for your TV setup to ensuring a secure fit, our specialists cover every aspect of the process diligently.

We prioritise safety while managing cables efficiently for a clutter-free look and feel.

  • Our service stretches beyond basic mounting by incorporating seamless home WiFi connectivity into our offerings, providing an enhanced viewing experience in one go.

With over three decades of experience and accreditations from industry leaders like Multichoice & Open View, we assure quality and reliable solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements across Gauteng region in South Africa.

Importance of Proper TV Wall Mounting in South Africa: Why It Matters

Proper TV wall mounting in South Africa goes beyond just aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, especially in homes with children and pets.

  • Incorrectly mounted TVs may pose a risk of falling, causing damage or even injury.

Furthermore, secure installation prevents the television from wobbling or tilting at undesirable angles which could affect your viewing experience.

Expert TV installation services ensure that your televised entertainment is not only safe but also optimized for the best visual output.

  • A professional job promises correct height and orientation of your screen to prevent neck strain or glare interference during daytime hours – significant factors often overlooked by DIY enthusiasts.

They also offer solutions such as hidden cable management to maintain a neat and uncluttered appearance around your space.

Moreover, proper TV wall mounting can contribute positively towards enhancing interior decor while saving valuable floor space – an attribute favoured by many homeowners across South African cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Explore South Africa’s Premium TV Mounting Wall Bracket Choices.

Experience the best TV mounting solutions in South Africa with a range of premium wall bracket options that will perfect your view and elevate your entertainment.

Perfect Your View with the Swivel and Tilt Bracket 32”-70” Options in South Africa.

Enhance your viewing experience with the Swivel and Tilt Bracket 32”-70” options available in South Africa.

  • These wall mounts are designed to provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your TV.

With a tilt feature of up to 10 degrees, you can reduce glare and achieve optimal picture quality.

  • The sturdy construction of these brackets ensures that your TV is securely mounted, supporting weights up to 45kg/99lbs.

Whether you have a Plasma, LCD, or LED television, these versatile brackets from top brands like LPA69-446 and Ultra-Link will elevate your entertainment setup to new heights.

Find Ideal Angles with South Africa’s Swivel and Tilt Bracket 13”-42” Selection.

The Swivel and Tilt Bracket 13”-42” selection is the perfect choice for finding your ideal TV viewing angles.

  • With its tilt and turn mechanism, you can easily avoid annoying reflections and adjust the bracket to achieve the perfect viewing position.

This versatile bracket is compatible with TV screens ranging from 13 to 42 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of TVs.

  • Plus, you don’t need any tools to adjust the tilt action, making installation a breeze.

With its safety pull cord lock, you can rest assured that your TV will be securely in place. Don’t settle for anything less than optimal viewing angles – choose South Africa’s Swivel and Tilt Bracket 13”-42” selection today!

Achieve Sleek Looks with the Flush Mount Bracket 32”-70” Available in South Africa.

The Flush Mount Bracket 32”-70” is the perfect choice for achieving a sleek and stylish look for your TV in South Africa.

  • With its close-to-wall design, this bracket provides a clean and modern aesthetic to any room.

Installing the bracket is easy thanks to its adjustable mounting frame, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

  • You can trust that your TV will be securely mounted as this bracket has a maximum weight capacity of 30kg.

To ensure level installation, the bracket comes with a spirit level included. Upgrade your space with the Flush Mount Bracket and enjoy a seamless viewing experience with a sleek look.

Optimize Small Screens with the Flush Mount bracket 13”-32” Choices in South Africa.

The flush mount bracket 13″-32″ is the perfect choice to optimize small screens in South Africa.

  • Designed as part of Explore South Africa’s premium TV mounting wall bracket choices, this bracket holds your TV away from the wall to complete TV cabling and provide a sleek and space-saving option.

It is specifically suitable for TVs ranging from 13″ to 32″ in size, ensuring a secure fit and optimal viewing experience. With its flush mount design, you can enjoy a clean look without any protrusions, making it an excellent solution for smaller spaces or rooms with limited wall area.

Elevate Your Entertainment: Overhead TV Bracket 37”-70” Options in South Africa.

Looking to elevate your entertainment experience? Look no further than the overhead TV bracket options in South Africa.

  • These brackets are designed for TVs ranging from 37” to 70”, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your screen size.

Installation is quick and easy, as these brackets don’t require any drilling or measuring. Simply attach the bracket securely to your wall, then hang your TV effortlessly.

  • With a weight capacity of up to 35kg, you can trust that your television will be held securely in place.

Plus, with their 360° flexible swivelling ability, you can easily adjust the viewing angle to suit your needs. Whether you have a brick, concrete, or wood wall, these versatile brackets can be used on various wall materials.

For Larger Displays: Dive into the Tilting Bracket 60″- 110″ Range in South Africa.

The Tilting Bracket 60″-110″ range in South Africa offers a perfect solution for mounting larger displays.

  • With options like the Ultra-Link 60-110 Wall Bracket, you can easily reduce screen glare and achieve the ideal viewing angle with its fingertip tilt adjustment feature.

The Maxdorf Tilt 60”-110” TV Mount Bracket allows for downward tilting of up to ±15 degrees, giving you full control over your display’s position. For extra strength and stability, consider the Ellies Extra Large Universal Fixed TV Bracket, which can support a maximum load capacity of 80kgs.

  • And if convenience is what you’re after, the AVLINK – LPT600 TV Wall Mount Bracket Tilt comes with a self-locking mechanism that can be effortlessly opened using two drawstrings.

Experience flawless installation and enjoy optimal viewing with these reliable tilting brackets for larger displays in South Africa.

Transform Your Space with the Overhead Projector Bracket Solutions in South Africa.

Elevate your viewing experience and transform your space with the innovative overhead projector bracket solutions in South Africa.

  • These brackets offer multi-angle projection with a 360° rotation and 15° tilting, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your projected images.

The height of the ceiling-mounted bracket is adjustable, accommodating different needs and room configurations.

  • Made of durable aluminium, these brackets can support projectors up to 10kgs or more, ensuring stability and security.

Whether for home theatres, conference rooms, or classrooms, these overhead projector brackets provide a sleek and practical solution that will enhance any space.

Organize Your Gaming Setup: Decoder/PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf Available Now.

Upgrade your gaming setup with the Decoder/PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf!

  • This wall mount is designed specifically for organizing your gaming consoles and decoders, helping you declutter and maximize space.

The double shelf design allows you to neatly store your devices while keeping them easily accessible.

  • It’s easy to install in tight spots, making it a convenient solution for any gaming room.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gaming experience – the Decoder/PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf is available now!

South African TV Mounting Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

  1. Mount your TV above the fireplace for a sleek and stylish look that saves space.
  2. Opt for a corner TV mount to maximize your viewing angles and create a cozy entertainment area.
  3. Create a home theater experience by mounting your TV on the wall with surround sound speakers for immersive audio.
  4. Consider mounting your TV on a mobile cart or stand to easily move it around the room for different viewing areas.
  5. For a modern and minimalistic look, use an articulating TV bracket that allows you to swivel, tilt, and extend your TV for the perfect viewing position.

Tips on Selecting the Ideal TV Mounting Professional in South Africa

  • Consider the experience and expertise of the TV mounting professional.
  • Look for reviews and recommendations from previous customers.
  • Ensure that the professional is licensed and insured.
  • Inquire about the types of TV brackets they have experience installing.
  • Ask about their process for ensuring a secure and level installation.
  • Discuss pricing and ensure there are no hidden fees.

Comparing TV Mounting Professional vs DIY: Which One’s For You?

TV Mounting ProfessionalDIY
Quality of WorkA professional has the expertise and the right tools to ensure a high-quality installation.If you’re adept at DIY tasks, you can achieve a decent quality of work. However, it may not match professional standards.
Time ConsumptionProfessionals are efficient and can complete the task quickly.DIY may take longer, especially if you’re new to the task.
SecurityProfessionals ensure a secure mount, reducing the risk of accidents.DIY requires careful handling and installation to ensure a secure mount.
CostHiring a professional involves a service charge but may save on costly mistakes.DIY can be a budget-friendly option if you already possess the necessary tools and knowledge.
ComplexityProfessionals are equipped to handle different types of mounts and installation scenarios.DIY can be challenging, especially for complex mounts and larger TVs.

Pros of hiring a TV mounting company for tv mounting services near me

  • Increased safety during installation for peace of mind.
  • Expertise in choosing the optimal mounting options for your TV.
  • Prevents damage to walls and ensures proper installation.
  • Additional services such as wire and cable hiding for a clean and organized look.
  • Saves time and effort by leaving the task to professionals.
  • Warranty or guarantee for services provided.
  • Access to expert advice on TV mounting and installation.
  • Added convenience of having professionals handle the job.

TV Mounting Mistakes You Should Never Make

Avoid these common errors to ensure a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience:

  1. Mounting on weak or old walls: Mounting a TV on unstable walls, such as old drywall or plaster, can lead to a risky setup that may not hold the weight of the TV properly.
  2. Incorrect positioning: Placing the TV at the wrong level on the wall can cause strain and discomfort, resulting in an unpleasant viewing experience. Ensure that the TV is positioned at eye level for optimal comfort.
  3. Wrong height placement: Mounting the TV too high or too low can result in neck strain and headaches. Find the right height by considering your seating arrangement and ensuring that you have a comfortable viewing angle.
  4. Inadequate cable management: Failing to plan for future cable needs can lead to a cluttered mess of wires hanging down from your mounted TV. Take the time to properly route and conceal cables for a clean and organized look.
  5. Poor placement: One of the most common mistakes is placing the TV in a position with excessive glare or reflection from windows or lights. Make sure to choose a location with minimal light interference.
  6. Neglecting proper wall preparation: Not properly preparing the wall before mounting can result in an unstable installation. Use appropriate tools like stud finders and anchors for secure mounting.
  7. Overlooking safety measures: It’s essential to consider safety when mounting a TV, especially if you have children or pets. Ensure that your mount is securely attached, using proper safety anchors, to prevent accidents.
  8. Incorrect bracket selection: Choosing the wrong bracket size or type for your TV can lead to instability and potential damage to both the TV and the wall.
  9. Rushing through installation: Taking shortcuts during installation can lead to subpar results and expensive repairs down the line. Take your time, follow instructions carefully, and if needed, seek professional help.

Efficient Cable Management for a Neat Look

Learn how proper cable management can transform the look of your space and keep your TV area organized. Say goodbye to tangled cords and discover simple solutions for a clean and sleek setup.

Read more to find out how you can achieve a clutter-free entertainment area with efficient cable management techniques.

Discover how proper Cable Management can transform your space!

Proper cable management can have a transformative effect on your space, creating a neat and organized environment.

  • It’s important to keep cables neatly arranged and hidden to achieve a clean look with TV mounting.

Simplifying cable management by using a single cable to connect multiple devices can reduce clutter and make your space more visually appealing.

  • Not only does efficient cable management contribute to the overall tidiness of your workspace, but it also helps extend the life and maximize the performance of your cables.

Embrace the power of proper cable management and enjoy a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing living area or office space.

All About Maintenance and Upkeep for Your TV Mount

Maintaining and keeping up with your TV mount is crucial for its longevity and performance.

  • Regularly clean the mount and check for any loose screws or connections, ensuring that it remains secure on the wall.

Additionally, periodically inspect the cables and cords to avoid any damage or fraying. Following these maintenance practices will help ensure that your TV mount stays in optimal condition for years to come.

A comprehensive guide to ensure the longevity of your TV Mount.

Proper maintenance and upkeep are essential to ensure the longevity of your TV mount.

  • One important factor is using the correct anchors to secure the wall mount to the brick. This ensures stability and prevents accidents.

Additionally, it’s crucial to double-check that your TV is level and securely mounted on the wall bracket.

  • Regularly inspecting the mounting hardware for any signs of wear or damage is also recommended.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a secure and long-lasting TV mount that enhances your living space while providing optimal viewing angles.

TV Mounting Prices in South Africa 2024: A Comprehensive Price List for all Costs

Get a comprehensive list of TV mounting prices in South Africa for 2024, covering all costs involved.

Understand the various factors affecting TV mounting Costs.

The cost of TV mounting can vary based on several factors.

  • One important consideration is the size and weight of your TV, as larger and heavier TVs may require more robust and expensive mounts.

Additionally, the type of mount you choose can impact the overall cost. For example, a full-motion or swivel mount typically costs more than a fixed or tilt mount.

  • The complexity of the installation location also affects pricing, with corner installations or unique angles often requiring more time and effort.

Lastly, local market conditions can influence prices, so it’s essential to consider these factors when understanding the costs associated with TV mounting in South Africa.

Discover TV Mounting Services Across Prominent Cities and Provinces in South Africa

Discover TV Mounting Services Across Prominent Cities and Provinces in South Africa

Find professional TV mounting services in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Sandton, Bloemfontein and Polokwane.

Effortlessly transform your living space with our top-notch installation services available across prominent cities and provinces in South Africa.

Wherever you are, find top-notch services near you.

Discover top-notch TV mounting services near you, no matter where you are in South Africa.

  • From Durban to Johannesburg, Cape Town to Pretoria, our professional TV installers are ready to provide expert assistance.

Whether you need residential or commercial TV mounting, customized solutions, or help with relocating your TV, we have the expertise and quality service that you can trust.

  • Don’t settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to properly mounting your television.

Reach out to us today and elevate your viewing experience with our top-notch services.

Conclusion: Reach out to us for professional TV Wall Mounting & TV Installation Services in your vicinity!

Conclusion: Reach out to us for professional TV Wall Mounting & TV Installation Services in your vicinity!

Get professional TV Wall Mounting and TV Installation Services in your area by reaching out to us.

  • We ensure expert assistance for a sleek and elevated look, freeing up space while providing you with the best viewing angles.

Let us transform your living space with our top-notch services.


1. What services are included in TV mounting?

TV mounting services typically include wall tv mount installation, setting up a flat screen, adjusting the TV angle and height, and providing secure TV mounting with suitable hardware.

2. Can I do DIY TV mounting or should I hire professionals?

While DIY is an option for those who are handy, hiring professional television installation experts ensures proper securement of heavy-duty TV wall brackets and safety anchors to any surface including drywall or brick.

3. How much does it cost to mount a TV on the wall?

The cost of large screen setup varies based on several factors:

  • Type of bracket used like full-motion or tilting mount
  • Location such as above fireplace or ceiling
  • Complexity of cable concealment requirement
  • And whether commercial versus residential installation prices apply

4. Where can I find affordable yet reliable local service providers for my new Flat-screen installation?

Finding local television installers offering budget-friendly solutions can be done through online search using terms such as “tv mount services near me” or “tv mounting experts.”

5. Is there a special way to hang my curved screen or Plasma panel?

Yes! From using specific Curved Tv wall mounts to adjusting the ideal viewing angle, specialized techniques would ensure your unique display fixtures have appropriate tv bracket installations done by expert hands.

6. Do Tv Mounting packages also handle additional home theatre enhancements?

Absolutely! Landing an all-inclusive deal may likely cater towards comprehensive home theatre installation needs which includes surround sound setup, integrating Home audio systems alongside your newest Screen add-on.